Iris Script Lowercase C by Ink Furie

Iris Script Lowercase C Worksheet

LOWERCASE C WORKSHEET is here! That means *drumroll please* that Iris Script is in its final phase of pre-launch mania …

Iris Script Lowercase B by Ink Furie

Iris Script Lowercase B Worksheet

LOWERCASE B FROM Iris Script features a sweeping and voluminous ascending stem loop. Turn this stem loop 180 degrees and …

Iris Script Lowercase A by Ink Furie

Iris Script Lowercase A Worksheet

LOWERCASE A FROM Iris Script is, at first glance, quite ordinary. But don’t let it fool you! Its shape embodies …

Iris Script Uppercase C

Iris Script Uppercase C Worksheet

UPPERCASE C MARKS the first letter in Iris Script that doesn’t have the classic pigtail (I’m still working on naming …

Iris Script Uppercase B

Iris Script Uppercase B Worksheet

UPPERCASE B EMBODIES the overall style of Iris Script: voluminous, romantic, and dynamic. Master this letter formation and the rest …

Iris Script Uppercase A by Ink Furie

Iris Script Uppercase A Worksheet

IRIS SCRIPT IS launching this April! After many drafts and countless cups of caramel macchiatos (double shot, please), I’m so …