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HELLO AND WELCOME, lovely visitors, to the very first blog post at Ink Furie! I’m delighted that you are here–especially when I know you can be anywhere else.

What can you expect on the blog?

Personally, I’ve really missed writing and I hope to flex my wordsmithing skills. Professionally, I’m excited to share with you in-depth information on how I turned Ink Furie from a hobby into a humble calligraphy entrepreneurship. I’ll discuss topics ranging from Copperplate calligraphy lessons (actual how-to lessons using my oval-based system) to drafting a quote for your first commission, from designing a business logo to turning it into a brand, and so much more.  It’ll be informative and fun!

Stay and peruse a little bit, and should anything pique your interest, please leave a comment so we can chat further.



14 Replies to “Welcome to Ink Furie Blog!”

    1. Hi Stephanie! I’m so excited to be back. Please be patient with me as I getting my bearings — it’s been a little while — and, then come visit you on the blog.

  1. Congratulations on your blog launch and I look forward to learning from you, Lonna! Such an exciting venture to see how you went from hobby to thriving business.

  2. Brava!

    I wish you all the success with this initiative. I’m sure you have incredibly valuable content to share.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what are you going to surprise us with.




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