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The secret to beautifully addressed envelopes? Guidelines, of course!

The LetterInk Guide (a play on the words “lettering guide”) is an envelope addressing guide. It’s the perfect tool for calligraphers who want to spend more time addressing, and less time measuring and marking. In one single placement, easily draw up to 5 sets of evenly-spaced 2:1:2 ratio guidelines for name AND address. Then, rotate the guide to align the 55 degree mark to draw the slant lines. Guidelines in seconds!

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  • Features a 5mm x-height
  • Includes 2:1:2 and 1:1:1 ratios
  • Complete with center marks and a 6-inch ruler
  • Suitable for A2, A6, A7, A9, and square envelopes
  • Dimensions are 4.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Laser cut from  2mm cast acrylic
  • Designed in California

How to Create Monolines (1:1:1)
More Applications and Variations

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2 reviews for LetterInk Guide

  1. @Rosali.kalligrafie (verified owner)

    I also ordered the first guide Lonna made and I liked this so much that I absolutely wanted to order this new guide. And I am super excited about it! It’s a real beauty! And also super practical! 5mm x-height works really well for me, and it’s so easy to use! Definately recommend everyone to buy it, you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Norma

    This lettering guide is my favorite little time saver!💞 It is really simple to use and my pencil tip glides easily with the thickness of the guide!💞 Thank you, I really appreciate my new little helper!💞

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